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few helpful travel links for you guys.

hey guys!
i came across a really cool link today while browsing reddit, and thought i’d leave it for you guys to enjoy too, as well as a couple others i thought were also pretty helpful and interesting in general.

1. the first one is called price of travel, and you can visit the site here.
basically you can search (even compare) cities you want to travel to and it lists things from the average hostel & hotel cost, the average price of food, attractions, average weather conditions, city facts, hotel seasons, transportation costs, and even the average times for watching the sunrise & sunset if you feel so inclined to know!

2. the next is AWESOME. it’s a huge (understatement) site for flight searches and it combines just about every site and airline you could possibly think of. it’s a matrix site and you can see the site if you click here!

3. this site called “ryanmonth" is a flight search specifically geared towards ryan air! simple and easy to use, good if you’re looking to find the cheapest flight via ryan air.

4. of course i had to add in couchsurfing. couchsurfing is a network used worldwide for travelers looking for a cheap (might i add, free) way to find somewhere to sleep. you’ll have to make a profile and usually it’s only a short term fix for having a roof over your head, but it’s definitely a massive tool that everyone who travels should utilize.

5. and last of all, here’s a link to a thread in reddit dubbed “best travel ‘hacks’”, definitely worth checking out because there’s tips for traveling, getting the lowest prices, how to interact with people, and seriously everything and anything in between that. worth a browse.

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